Heart Collector


Finding murderers is just a day on the job for police captain Nadia Barka. But when a mutilated corpse is discovered in an old baptistery, she’s faced with some difficult questions: Who left a young woman’s body in a high-security museum in the middle of the night? And where is the victim’s heart?

Barka has no leads, until several days later when unassuming computer technician Julien Lombard comes forward, claiming to have had a premonition of the woman’s abduction and murder. The ensuing investigation turns up nothing, however, and Julien is just as skeptical about his intel as the police are. But, after another woman goes missing, Barka decides to take a chance and trust in Julien’s gift. Does Julien hold the key to preventing another gruesome crime? Working together, can they find the murderer before he steals another heart?

Jacques Vandroux has spent most of his life in Paris and the French Alps. As an engineer, he used his time traveling the world to write books and short stories. His first two novels, Les Pierres Couchées and Multiplication, were bestsellers in France. Heart Collector is the new English translation of Au Cœur du Solstice, which was published to great acclaim in Vandroux’s home country.

By Jacques Vandroux
Translated by Wendeline A.Hardenberg
Edited by : Amazon Crossing

French price :
Paperback: 17.73 euros  (21x14x2.5cm) 
Ebook: 5.11 euro  

Available January 1, 2015 with Kindle First in US and UK
Available February 1, 2015

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Spots where the story takes place

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