mardi 10 février 2015

Heart Collector : Villard de Lans

Today will be the last visit on the theme of the Heart Collector plot.
We leave Grenoble, take our car for a 40km distance, and join the little city of Villard de Lans, in the Vercors mountain.
A charming city, beautiful landscapes, a ski resort, but also the place where the bad guy has taken Sophie, in his big manor.

But where does this manor hide? Can you help Julien and captain Barka to find it?
Don't lose your time! You know that the author has a lot of imagination... 
And this manor exists only in the story itself.

Nice mountain view over Villar de Lans. 
In the story, which takes place in 2013, the weather is particularly hot, it often happens at that time of the year in Grenoble. 
But ironically, in real life, summer 2013 has been particularly bad: cold, rain... So, finding a nice week-end to take these photographs was hard work.

A traditionnal roof in the Vercors mountain, designed to protect the house from wind and water.
And here is the church and the priest house on the right, where René Pelloux and his mother deliver some important clues.

And that's it !
I hope you enjoyed this tour in the Grenoble area !

All the best to you

Jacques-Line Vandroux.

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