mardi 15 mars 2016

Breaking news ! Project Anastasis is realeased at last...

I am very excited to announce that Project Anastasis, the english translation of Projet Anastasis is available at last. You will find it in different formats : paper ebook and Audiobook on Amazon. Project Anastasis : The story
As a former soldier, private investigator Jean Legarec is used to high stakes and sharpshooters. But he doesn’t realize what he’s getting into when he agrees to investigate the disappearance of six-year-old Alexandre, the grandson of a highly influential French politician.

For a million euros, Legarec launches a dangerous search that will dig deep into some of the darkest corners of European history. With the help of the boy’s beautiful aunt, Béatrice, he uncovers evidence of a modern-day terrorist plot rooted in a long-buried enterprise of the Third Reich. From Paris to Malta to the Vosges forest, a cast of witnesses—including a death camp survivor and former mercenaries—help Legarec piece together a terrifying truth.

Yet even then, the PI worries that his own dark past and his undeniable attraction to Béatrice might be clouding the investigation. Can he put the personal aside in order to do his job? And can he free an innocent child from a web of absolute evil?
About the plot location
This book was really appreciated by the French readers and I hope that the English speaking readers will like it as well. Alsace The story takes place in Paris, in Munich, in Malta, and also in Alsace, a French region which has a complicated history:
  • In 1648, Alsace became French, when Germany, as a country did not exist yet
  • then German in 1870 when France lost the war against Germany, 
  • then French again after WW1 
  • and German during WW2,
  • and at last French after the allies defeated Hitler. 

Its inhabitants have developped a strong feeling for their proper identity and proper dialect.
Since 1870, they often call themselves "Alsaciens" and other French people are called "Français de l'intérieur" / "French from inside", meaning "French from inside the French borders".
Although some French (from the inside) still call them Germans (I happened to experience that during a meeting two months ago), they are French, and feel French, with a touch of German rigor, and an alsacien tendancy to like jokes.
Being from Alsace myself, and my parents still living there, Jacques has had plenty of time to study the different aspects of this interesting region.
What is best than a novel to explain some parts of its history ? That is what Jacques managed to do with Project Anastasis, for the great pleasure of many Alsatian readers. If you are interested by the subject and looking for more information, Google is your friend :)

See you soon with new information on this book.
Jacques-Line Vandroux

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