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Thank you for your visit on this blog. As you might have noticed, it is written mainly in French. Not really surprising, as I AM French! One of my books has now been translated in English. If you read it, or intend to, you deserve a little treat: a few presentation words in English. Don't worry however, I am not the one who translated the book. It was done by a professional, and I hope you will enjoy / have enjoyed it.  

Who am I?
As long as I can remember, I always liked to tell stories. Ghost stories with friends when we were out at night, or stories with heroes and princesses with my kids later on.
I am an engineer and used to travel a lot for international meetings. I started writing  in a bus: a shuttle taking me from Philadelphia to Newark airport! I found a way to occupy myself during my trips!
It took me three years to write "Les Pierres Couchées" (The Lying Stones), my first novel. It was then followed by a shorter story: "Multiplication".

How did I start publishing my books?
Some friends and family read and liked my novels. They encouraged me to have them published. The feedback of many authors found on the Web was however very discouraging. 
The chances for a manuscript to be selected are so small! 
I had no time to lose with that and was happy enough to share my writings with my friends.
And this is when Amazon and its "Kindle Direct Publishing" platform arrived.
In 2012, a friend saw a TV broadcast, where a famous indie writer talked about his self-publishing success. It was almost the very beginning of digital self-publishing in France which was thus not very popular yet.
This friend managed to convince my wife to give it a try. She found it fun and wanted to give my books a chance.
My wife was more than active in this joint adventure. She took care of all the aspects of self-publishing, learning what to do on internet and on indie forums or Facebook groups. Starting from nothing, she ended by writing a book on the subject. She also takes care of this blog.
“Jacques Vandroux” is the result of this fruitful collaboration between “Jacques”, the writer, and “Jacques-line”, his wife, as shown by this article on the Amazon website.

Have my books met some success?
When we published my books, we hoped to sell maybe… 100? But we were well aware that the challenge would be difficult to reach.
What a surprise, when three weeks later, “Les Pierres Couchéees” reached the #1 rank, and stayed there for a few days. After one and a half year, it has spent more than 400 days in the top 100.
A little less successful, “Multiplication” also managed to spend 200 days in the top 100.
These great results motivated me to first write and publish a short story “Décollage imminent” (Impending departure), and later a novel “Au Coeur du Solstice” (At the heart of the solstice) which takes place in my city: Grenoble, a French city in the middle of the Alps mountains.
With these new books, I was happy to realize that, not only they were read by new readers, but my previous readers were also coming back for more, motivating me even more to write a new novel.

And why not in English?
After this success in France, several people advised me to translate my books in English.
Well… This is hard work, and reading these few lines might have convinced you that my level might perhaps be good enough for a short presentation in a blog, but certainly not to translate a book.
Translating a book must be done by a professional… and also costs… a lot!!
So, for a try, we had my short story translated.
Thanks to Chris Parkinson, professional translator, and to my wife… again (she wrote these lines by the way), we are happy to offer a new title “Take off” to English readers.
We hope that you will enjoy it.
If the number of buyers and readers is sufficient, we’ll take the next step and have another one translated. Who knows?
So if you are curious to read my novels, don’t hesitate to pass the word to your friends, and read my short story first.
Hoping to see you back soon…
Jacques (and Jacques-line)

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